The 5x5 Ultimate Success Formula by Gemma James

The 5x5 Ultimate Success Formula

The 8 Page PDF to help you not just talk about your Dream Life but take the steps to make it happen!

In This 8 Page Guide You'll Learn:

  • To develop a Success Mindset to stop you feeling stuck and struggling and start owning your BRILLIANCE
  • Techniques for starting your day strong so you can kick ass until bedtime (AND the tools to implement them)
  • Routines to put in place so that success and positivity become the norm, not the 'fluke'
  • The EXACT methods that I used to take my 'failing miserably' part time business to full time awesomeness and triple my income within 3 months so that you too start to feel like the CEO of your own amazing company (because you already are!)

What's Included?

  • The 5 Affirmations for Getting Over Yourself and Your Money Shit so you can finally start increasing your income and understanding your worth.
  • The 5 Personal Development Books Every Fempreneur Needs to Read so you can understand just how awesome you already are!
  • The 5 Morning Mindset Routines To Start Your Day The Right Way and to keep you on track until bedtime.
  • The 5 Mindset Shifts That Will Take You From Stuck to Kicking Ass so you can own your brilliance and create your success with confidence.
  • The 5 Quick Tips for Getting Your Ass Into a Peak Stateso you can actually achieve your goals and do so with passion, power and confidence

What's included?

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Helping you create the Life of your dreams.

I'm so glad you've found your way here! If you're here it's because you have big dreams and big goals and you want to see them FINALLY start coming true.

I'm Gemma James, a Law of Attraction & Success Mindset Practitioner, Author, Trainer and Coach

Together with my many years of experience in running an online business and creating my dream life using the power of my brain and the Law of Attraction, means I bring a powerful combination of the Practical and the Woo. To give you the inspiration, the motivation and the tools and steps to implement so that you're not just talking about your dream life but actually making it happen!