Powerful Affirmations Implementation Toolkit by Gemma James

Powerful Affirmations Implementation Toolkit

A 7 Day Guide for implementing Powerful Affirmations as part of your daily habits so that you can get over your limiting beliefs and create the life you dream of.

Affirmations are where it all began for me on my personal development journey.  But there's so much 'woo woo' training out there and I found that I couldn't find anything that actually worked! 

It all just seemed like a bunch of positive words with no techniques for actually implementing them, it felt pointless and a complete waste of time. 

So I started to test out some of my own techniques and other methods I'd heard along the way.

It took me almost a year but what I discovered allowed me to:
  • Increase my confidence and self belief so I FINALLY understood and believed my worth
  • Tripled my income in just 5 months
  • Took my business from part time 'failing' to full time kick ass awesomeness so I could spend more time with my family and more time doing something I LOVE and earning a great income for it
  • Manifest the EXACT amount of money for several different things I wanted (from £35 for a pretty storage chest to $500 for the deposit for my Coach) all within 24 hours of declaring it
  • Get hired by THREE 7 Figure Business Owners to Coach their Clients
  • Write an Amazon Bestseller
And so much more.

You can achieve all of the above too in just 7 days!


Included in the Toolkit:

7 Downloadable & Printable Posters with Powerful Affirmations for you to save to your desktop or put on your wall to remind you just how frickin' awesome you are!

7 Day Powerful Affirmations Implementation EBook containing:
  • Daily explanations for the coinciding Powerful Posters for WHY they're so Powerful so you can supercharge them for your own success
  • Daily Toolkit Tips for ways to IMPLEMENT your affirmations throughout your day so they ACTUALLY have an effect
  • Daily 'Affirmation of the Day' to help you continue your personal development journey so your new positive habits can bring about positive success


Thank you, thank you, thank you for this! This took the guess work out of some affirmation statements that I can start with that I KNOW are going to have a huge impact. I always feel so much better about myself when I use these tools!

Alyssa Smith
Gemma, your affirmations have literally saved me! I was maxed out on my overdraft wondering how on earth I was going to live. Within 1 DAY I had received the following: 2 refunds I was owed were paid back, my pet claim from a month ago was paid, a friend gave me cash, my bank decided not to charge me for being maxed out on the overdraft. Thank you so much!!

What's included?

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