Powerful Affirmations! by Gemma James

Powerful Affirmations!

For Getting Over Your 'B.S' And Living The Life You Were Born To!

What's Included?

In this Worksheet you're going to find out what Powerful Affirmations are, how to use them to clear false, limiting beliefs and money blocks, using them for setting (and achieving) your goals and includes a Powerful Affirmation Checklist to ensure you build the habit.

What's included?

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Powerful Affirmations PDF
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Helping you create the Life of your dreams.

I'm so glad you've found your way here! If you're here it's because you have big dreams and big goals and you want to see them FINALLY start coming true.

I'm Gemma James, a Law of Attraction & Success Mindset Practitioner, Author, Trainer and Coach

Together with my many years of experience in running an online business and creating my dream life using the power of my brain and the Law of Attraction, means I bring a powerful combination of the Practical and the Woo. To give you the inspiration, the motivation and the tools and steps to implement so that you're not just talking about your dream life but actually making it happen!